Mefix Self Adhesive Fabric Strapping Tape 10CM X 10M


Self  Adhesive  Fabric Tape Strapping 10cm x 10m, Free Delivery.

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Mefix consists of an apertured, non-woven polyester fabric coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive, and protected on the roll by a release paper backing. The apertured structure imparts a degree of lateral extensibility and conformability to the product, which has a high tensile strength and must be cut with scissors.

The high tensile strength and conformability of Mefix makes it ideally suited for securing catheters and drainage tubes in position, and for the retention of dressings on joints or awkward body contours. Mefix, like other dressing retention sheets, can also be used to produce island dressings with absorbent pads or hydrogel sheets and probably represents the best method for applying these types of product. As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives based upon rubber or resin. The polyester fabric is very ‘wear-resistant’: once applied, it may be left in position for prolonged periods, if required.

Mefix should not be applied to patients who are known to be sensitive to acrylic adhesives or to individuals who have very fragile or easily damaged skin.

In common with all adhesive products, Mefix should be stored in a cool dry place, and not subjected to extremes of temperature or humidity.